Sale A2ZCare Bar Pad or Barbell Pad for Squats & Shoulder Protective Pad Support MBWXNBUSO

A2ZCare Bar Pad or Barbell Pad for Squats & Shoulder Protective Pad Support MBWXNBUSO

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Our Bar Pad functions to provide your neck, shoulders and backbone with protection in diverse exercises, especially heavy weightlifting and Squat. Reduces pressure on the mentioned organs to cut down the injury possibility and promotes the efficiency of exercises to the fullest.Designed with High Density foam on the inside and Nylon Cover, the Bar Pad is specialized to resist considerable pressure with massive weight, up to hundreds of lbs. Its durability is from 3 to 5 years.It is designed with sweat absorbent, deodorization and anti-sliding feature which is perfectly safe for performing every posture.Convenient design which is easy to assemble and fits all standard barbells, Furthermore it offers light weight and portable size for pocket storage during exercises.A2ZCare is the exclusive seller for A2ZCare product for this listing on . If you see A2ZCare product being offered by another seller, it's a counterfeit. Please report the seller immediately to for a full refund if you accidentally buy it from those sellers.

- Are you often bruised or in pain after heavy Squat?

- Do you encounter any difficulty with slippery, unsafe barbell during performing squat?

- You require more pressure resistance on your shoulders, neck and backbone to bring about more reliable and effective practice?


• Made of high-quality and high-density foam for increased durability to sustain and diminish pressure on your specific areas.

• Designed to fit all sizes of standard and Olympic bars from 1 to 1.125, suitable for professional athletes and semi-professional.

• Light and convenient item with only 16 length, 3.5 diameter (pad's thickness: 1.25, weight 1.31lb), small enough to carry along in your gym bag to ensure you a complete protection for your neck and shoulders.

• Velcro closure helps to embrace the bar and ensure safety while being utilized yet still being easy to assemble.

All of above are significant reasons proving why Bar pad is an indispensable gadget when exercising with a barbell, It is established to guarantee your safety and efficiency in exercises. Bad pad is strongly advised to use in heavy exercises and Squat.

A2ZCare Bar Pad or Barbell Pad for Squats & Shoulder Protective Pad Support MBWXNBUSO

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