Sale ADE Germany BM 701 Victoria Mechanical Bathroom Scale White DXWAJCNYY

ADE Germany BM 701 Victoria Mechanical Bathroom Scale White DXWAJCNYY

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Body weight mechanical scale for a correct and reliable weight consultation. It weighs up to 136 kilograms with graduations of 500grAnalog Scale of great stability and consistency thanks to the fact of being made of steel and non-slip rubber in addition to its robust metal structureThe classic retro design inspired by the medical scales will be the center of attention in your bathroom.High quality indicators and screen, with black figures and white background for easy readingIt works without batteries. Just get on the surface and the result will be displayed, with no additional operating costs

The body weight scale Victoria BM701 of the German brand ADE will give a retro look to your bathroom thanks to its striking and well-designed design.

Durable over time
Its sturdy structure and classic design will always give a special touch to your bathroom and will last over time since it does not require any subsequent revisions or electricity and works mechanically. The lack of batteries or additional costs will remain in the past as it will always be ready for your needs.

Easy to use
You just need to get on the surface and read the results directly on the legible scale screen. Easier than that it is impossible! The values can be read without problems and if it is necessary to re-zero, just press a wheel located at the center of the screen. This ensures that the weight results are complete and completely reliable.

Great components
The surface of the scale is made of non-slip rubber, so you can weigh yourself even with wet feet and stay safe. Thanks to the excellent quality of the robust metal structure and the solid metal weighing mechanism, you will not only always have stability, but also a long-lasting product.

Quality surface in non-slip rubber
Solid and robust metal structure
Excellent balance for easy reading
Mechanical operation
Maximum capacity: 126 kg
Accuracy: 500 gr
It works without batteries
Measurements: 28.5 x 43 x 8.3 cm
Weight of the scale: 3 kg

Recommendations for accurate results:

Always place the scale on a firm, level surface, such as laminate, marble or tile flooring. When used on thick rugs, the result may vary and generate an incorrect weight

Check that the indicator is at zero, otherwise, you can manually adjust it with the help of a small wheel located in the center of the screen.

For the best results, weigh yourself with a routine always in the same conditions; in the morning before breakfast and / or before exercising

Keep your torso upright during the weight measurement process and do not move until you get the result on the screen. This scale is designed for exclusive use by people

Box Contains

1 x Mechanical Kitchen Scale

ADE Germany BM 701 Victoria Mechanical Bathroom Scale White DXWAJCNYY

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