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aeroSling Pulley Suspension Trainer ELITE Door Anchor Online Fitness ELITE ZNDGAYBGN

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Dynamic exercising: Sling training with the supplied pulley supports intramuscular coordination as well as cardiovascularity and challenges the deeper-lying muscles. Dynamic sling trainers enable increased training stimulation and much more variation in exercises compared to slings without pulley.Full-body workout: CrossFit, freeletics, hometraining, aerobics or particular sports such as climbing are pushed to the next level, even outdoors outside the gym.High quality: Developed in Germany, made in Germany and the EU. Being easily installed, the sturdy and high quality material assures a professional, safe and frictionless workout. The aeroSling ELITE is certified for 440 lb of weight.Modular buil-up: The aeroSling comes with adjustable foot straps and thanks to its carabiners you can easily add accessories such as counter weights.Instruction guide included: An online DVD and detailed training instructions are part of the workout equipment. A teaser can be seen on the aerobis YouTube channel.

Product Description The aeroSling ELITE is more than a regular sling trainer. Its built in pulley makes it instable and allows for rotating/alternating exercises. With only one click you can open the carabiners and add accessories or a counter-weight. Thanks to its combined handles and foot-loops you can easily switch between hand and foot mode while working out. The ELITE comes in a bargain bundle as well: The Set BASIC includes the aeroSling Mount for walls or ceilings including a bolt and dowel combination. Both the ELITE and the Set BASIC include a mesh bag for stowing, one exercise poster and an exclusive link to our online DVD. The online DVD is a web page with an introductory video on how to use the aeroSling, two real-time workout videos and two PDF training plans to download. High Quality - Developed and Made in Germany and the EU The aeroSling sling trainers are premium-quality training products for athletes with the highest demands. All components are made from climbing-grade material and are therefore used to tough conditions. The maximum training load of 440lbs is significantly higher than market standards. As they are being manufactured in Germany and the EU, they can be long-term companions for enjoyable and effective workouts. 2-in-1 Handles The aeroSling ELITE includes robust handles made from glasfibre reinforced plastic (GRP) that is anti-slip and can be cleaned with water. Their adjustable foot straps lend support for your feet and shanks and make retooling between exercises unnecessary. What's more, the sling around the handle can be used to secure and support the hands. Length Adjustment The length of the main rope can be quickly adjusted between exercises with no great hassle. The gripknot of the aeroSling ensures minimum abrasion due to the distribution of force along the gripknot. Furthermore, it holds no matter what the weather conditions are. Mounting the aeroSling The aeroSling comes with an anchor sling and a removable door anchor. The anchor sling is 38 inches long which allows for an attachment of the aeroSling at almost any supporting structure such as beams, trees, banisters. The intensity of the workout can be adjusted by the athlete's position to the anchor point. Example: The more horizontal your body is when doing rowing exercises the more difficult it becomes, because the more of your bodyweight you will have to carry. Pulley Suspended Trainer aeroSling sling trainers do more: With their innovative pulley aeroSlings offer a dynamic functional training that offers more variations when working out than regular sling trainers. Rotating and alternating movements are possible and make the workout more diverse and efficient. In addition to that, they have got an increased instability which increases the coordination and balance required by the athlete. The deeper lying musculature and the interplay between individual muscle groups (inter-muscular coordination) is involved in every single exercise. The aeroSling sling trainer range includes two different types of pulleys. This product, the aeroSling ELITE, comes with our standard pulley. It is a bit more compact, and provides some more friction, thus control. It is built into our ultra light (15.9 oz) aeroSling version, the aeroSling XPE, as well. The aeroSling ELITE Plus, our solution for experienced sling trainer users or those that already have sufficient experience with bodyweight training, has got a ball bearing pulley. It is a new challenge for advanced users, because it is notably more smooth-running, and due to its increased diametre, even more instable and challenging. Both pulley variations have got their origin in mountaineering and thus hold up to more than 2 tons of loads. aeroSling Expandability The aeroSling ELITE is available in a bargain bundle (Set BASIC) that includes the aeroSling Mount. The aeroSling Mount is a wall and ceiling mount made from stainless steel. It comes with a bolt and dowel combination and is entirely built in Germany. It is easily mounted and ensures a high stability in non-cracked concrete. The aeroSling Mount is approved and certified for a weight up to 440 lbs of dynamic load. Of course, you can also connect aeroSling accessories due to the modular build up and let your creativity flow. As the handles are connected to the main rope by carabiners it is possible to add a counter weight, rowstick or other accessories. This makes the aeroSling arguably the most versatile sling trainer. Elmar Schumacher [Founder] Describe your products in 3 words. Mobility. Quality. Versatility. How did you come up with the idea for this product? aerobis fitness equipment only exists for one reason: Because there's nothing at this level of quality and I wanted to create something that I would enjoy working out with as well. What makes your product special? No compromise when it comes to efficiency. It is my goal to develop fitness equipment that provides a maximum of results in a minimum of time. Form follows function. What has been the best part of your experience? The incredibly positive customer feedback at my first trade fair booth in 2010. I had built it by myself and this was visible. The only opportunity to sit was a camping table and two chairs on wavy laminate. Customers who bought this item also boughtPage 1 of 1 Start overPage 1 of 1 This shopping feature will continue to load items. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. 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